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To treat algae right the first time, we recommend draining and performing a vinegar wash. It is important to consider a few factors before deciding on this approach.


1. Water Cost: Draining a pool requires refilling with fresh water. On average, we find that the cost of fresh water offsets the labor and chemical expenses to treat the water without draining. Plus, you and your loved ones get the added benefit of swimming in water that has not been heavily treated with chemicals to kill algae.


2. Chemical Costs: While draining and refilling a pool can reduce the need for certain chemicals in the short term, you'll still need to balance the pool's water chemistry after refilling. Dazzle Pools includes all startup chemicals to re-balance your pool chemistry on startup with the exception of pool salt.


3. Labor and Time: Opting to not drain the pool can be labor-intensive, costly with chemicals, and time-consuming. Dazzle Pools recommends opting for a Vinegar Wash to save you time, stress, and chemicals for a better return on investment. 


4. Equipment and Maintenance: Emptying a pool can highlight the need for repairs to the pool's surface, structure, or equipment. It's important to consider if there are any other repairs that you would also like to have done while your pool is empty. (Examples: media blasting to remove waterline mineral buildup, repairs to steps, sealing water features, repairs to negative edge spillovers, pool light repairs, main drain cover repairs, etc.)

5. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Proper pool maintenance involves a balance of chemicals and regular cleaning to keep the water safe, balanced, and free from algae and bacteria. 


Dazzle Pools is ready to answer your questions and provide guidance on the best recommended approach for your specific pool. We consider factors like size, location, existing water chemistry, and long-term cost-effectiveness. 

Green to Clean

There are many different types of algae and lots of options for treatment. Get it right the first time and opt for a high-strength vinegar wash to kill algae at the root and leave your pool Dazzling without all the harsh and costly chemicals. Depending on the season and the surface of your pool, a Vinegar Wash will be a cost savings for you


Drain and Vinegar Wash

Step 1: Drain the Pool
Step 2: Power Wash 

Power washing removes the layer of 'slime' or film that algae produces

Step 3: Vinegar Wash 

Vinegar can then get to the root and kill the algae. We apply a high strength vinegar to the surface of the pool, and let it set for 12 - 24 hours. 

IMG_8697 2.JPG
Step 4: Clean the Filter

DE or Cartridge filters benefit from a good cleaning prior to restarting your pool. If it has been more than 4 years since you last had the sand changed in your sand filter, reach out to Dazzle for a free estimate to start with fresh sand!

download - 2023-08-29T083115_edited.jpg
Step 5: Refill with Clean Water & Enjoy

Enjoy your Dazzling Pool without all the headaches and harsh chemical treatments to get your pool from Green to Clean!

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