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Remodeling your pool equipment offers both efficiency and peace of mind. Upgrading to modern, energy-efficient systems can significantly lower your utility bills by reducing energy consumption. Moreover, investing in reliable and advanced equipment ensures smoother operations, minimizing maintenance concerns and providing you with a worry-free and enjoyable pool experience.

Before Equipment Remodel

Blasing Before.jpeg

Frustrated with frequent repairs and inefficient equipment that disrupt family pool and spa enjoyment, the customer sought a solution. Addressing concerns about potential leaks during their absence, Dazzle Pools worked with a team for a comprehensive overhaul of the pool and spa equipment.

Filter Leak

filter leaking.jpeg

Is your pool equipment showing signs of age? Do you see rust? Water calcium deposits? Water under the equipment? Cracks? If yes, it might be time to update your equipment. Replacing the equipment gives you a warranty and ensures all parts are of the same time.

Pool Filter Motor Before


Opting to replace your pool's single-speed pump/motor with a variable-speed system offers substantial benefits. This upgrade enhances efficiency, lowers energy consumption, secures a warranty, and establishes uniformity among equipment parts. Choosing a variable speed pump not only optimizes pool operation, but also guarantees energy efficiency.

After Equipment Remodel

Blasing After_edited.jpg

The result: a renewed sense of ease, backed by a 3-year warranty on replacement parts. This customer also benefits from prolonged equipment lifespan, heightened efficiency, and a refined operation strategy. With the increase in energy efficiency, this homeowner is able to utilize the high-speed setting for pool filtration and negative edge flow daily for 6 hours, followed by 18 hours of low-speed operation, all for less than operating the outdated equipment at 8 hours per day. This program allows the homeowner to maintain pristine pool conditions leaving their pool Dazzling 7 days a week!

Filter Leak: Stress Cracks

filter crack2.jpeg

The top of this filter has stress cracks all the way around the top of the filter dome. Customer opted to replace the whole filter as this filter came with a warranty and ensured all new parts.

Pool Filter Motor After


Following the replacement of their single-speed motor with a variable-speed, this homeowner now enjoys a full equipment warranty, heightened energy efficiency, and a worry-free existence without the burden of frequent repairs.

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