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Tile Cleaning

Media Blasting is a technique to remove the white mineral line around your pool or spa. This buildup is caused by hard water, minerals, body oils, lotions, sunscreens, and other particulates. Restore the luster to your pool with a tile cleaning!


Media Blasting (Before)

Media Blasting treats the calcium deposit that accumulates on the pool surfaces over time. The unsightly white scaly layer around the waterline and spillover surfaces tarnishes the pools' beauty. Regular upkeep by cleaning your pool mineral build-up will help to protect your investment and keep your pool Dazzling!


Media Blasting (After)

Dazzle Pools works with premier and vetted blasting professionals that prioritize cleanliness, customer service and satisfaction. 

download - 2023-06-22T074406_edited.jpg

Media Blasting (Before)

To Media Blast your pool, Dazzle Pools will drain your pool so cleanup is a breeze and your pool can be treated effectively and efficiently. 

Step 1: Drain Pool/Spa

Step 2: Media Blast 

Step 3: Refill Pool/Spa

download - 2023-06-22T074419_edited.jpg

Media Blasting (After)

When draining your pool, it is a good time to consider other maintenance items as well. These items include: 

Pool/Spa Light

Main Drain Covers

PopUp Repairs

Pool/Spa/Jet Return Repairs

Repairs to Steps and Surface of the Pool or Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I have my pool tiles cleaned?
A: It is recommended that you have your pool tiles cleaned every 1 to 4 years to ensure that the tiles remain clean and free from build-up of scale, mineral deposits, dirt, etc.


Q: Do you have to drain my pool to clean the tile? 

A: Yes, Dazzle Pools will completely drain your pool to ensure a proper clean-up after blasting. 


Q: What else should I do when I drain my pool? 

A: When draining your pool, it is a good idea to also have your pool lights checked and any repairs to your pool surface scheduled (surface crack repairs, pebble tech repairs, replace drain covers, etc.). 

Q: What areas do you service?
A: We provide pool tile cleaning services in Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Goldfield Ranch, Las Sendas (NE Mesa), and Scottsdale Mountain (Frank Lloyd Wright & North/South of Shea Blvd East to Fountain Hills) areas.

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