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Electric Heat Pump vs. Gas Heater

Thinking about extending your swim season? Here are some Dazzle Pools insights for you to consider when deciding the best way to swim year round in AZ!

Electric Heat Pump

Electric heaters, also known as heat pumps use electricity to heat your pool. These typically work the best on pool-only backyards. Electric heat pumps are the most most energy-efficient way to heat your pool. 

Gas Heater

Gas heaters use natural gas or propane to heat your pool/spa. They require a gas line and depending on your location, may require the addition of a tank to store propane. These are the fastest way to heat your pool/spa and fastest way to heat your spa up to those toasty temperatures.

Electric Heat Pump

Ideal for pool only backyards

Most cost-effective if you are going to keep your pool heated for a longer period of time

Most energy efficient

Most heat pumps will increase the temperature of your pool by 1 degree every hour

Greater upfront cost

Not guaranteed to extend your swim season when outside temperatures are 60 degrees F or below

Not guaranteed to heat your pool all seasons: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day

Requires 50amp electrical service at pool equipment

Benefit from use of solar blanket to help retain heat

Best practice to run pump and heat pump 24/7 + solar blanket when heating to retain heat

Gas Heater

Ideal for spa

Ideal to get warm and toasty temperatures above 94 degrees

Ideal if you just want to heat your pool for the weekend or short holiday

Quickest way to heat your pool/spa

Most gas heaters will increase the temperature of your pool by 4 degrees every hour

Guaranteed to extend your swim season regardless of outside temperature

Guaranteed to heat your pool all seasons: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day "Now you're cooking with gas"

Requires a gas line

Requires a gas source

(tanks to be filled and maintained, gas from utility, etc.)

Benefit from use of solar blanket to help retain heat

Best practice to run pump and heat pump 24/7 + solar blanket when heating to retain heat

Ready to get started? 

Extending your swim season is an important investment. Dazzle Pools will provide you with a customized estimate to meet your swimming needs. Below are some helpful tips to consider when making the best decision for you and your family. 

#1. Why do you want to extend your swim season? 

Do you want to be able to come into town on a Thursday to prepare for your out of state family to arrive on Friday and enjoy the AZ weather in the pool? 

Are you a year-round resident and want to enjoy swimming and exercising all year?


Do you spend your fall/winter/spring frequenting your Arizona residence and want to enjoy your pool whenever you pop in? 

#2. How do you want to control your heater? 

Depending on your backyard, you might want to consider how you will turn on/off your heater. Dazzle Pools can provide you with options to update or enhance your pool automation system if you would like to control your pool equipment remotely.

Do you want to be able to control it from your wifi enabled device? 

Some Dazzle customers have shared how nice it is to be wheels down at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, turn off Airplane Mode, and turn on their heater! By the time they get their luggage and get home, their spa is nice and toasty for them to enjoy after a long travel day. 

Do you want to be able to turn on/off your heater with Alexa? 

Some Dazzle customers appreciate integrating Alexa at their home to turn on/off the pool operations. This option is nice if you have guests staying at your home without you onsite. (This option will also work with the wifi enabled device as well)

#3. Return on Investment

What pool equipment do you currently have? 

How long do you plan on enjoying your pool? 

Do you already have gas lines and gas tank(s) on the property or will that be an additional expense?  

#4. Reliability

Rodent infestation is a big problem in Arizona. They love to take up residence in pool heaters and heat pumps. Investing in regular routine maintenance will help to identify damage early to avoid interruptions in functionality and service. 

Dazzle Pools is ever mindful of the rodent problems here in Arizona and works to recommend the right equipment for your property. Installing the right equipment + routine maintenance + effective, reliable pest control will help protect your investment. 

Every heater or heat pump installed by Dazzle Pools is backed by a warranty. The equipment we decide to install has been vetted for reliability and the responsiveness of the manufacturer to guarantee their products. Dazzle Pools maintains close connections with licensed and certified tradesmen to ensure we stand by our products and installation to protect your investment.

#5. Sustainability

Using a solar blanket or pool cover is our recommended way to reduce heat loss and retain heat in your swimming pool. Dazzle Pools recommends solar blankets rated at 16mil or above for maximum durability and effectiveness.

#6 Team Effort

Your backyard is unique and Dazzle Pools will make sure to work with the right team of experts to ensure your job is done right. Depending on your site, we will coordinate with a team of experts to ensure the right electrical contractors, gas contractors, and installation experts give you peace of mind and meet your needs.

Need More Research? 

Here's a great website with additional information on the differences between a heat pump and a gas heater:

Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

We like this website to help calculate the potential savings of opting for an electric heat pump instead of a gas heater: Pool Heat Pump Calculator

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