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Pool & Deck Resurfacing

Whether you are looking to media blast the mineral line, a repair to a step, repairs to your cool decking, or a complete chip out and re-surface, Dazzle Pools works with the best. Our verified pebble tech repair craftsmen treat your backyard and pool surface as if it was their own. Enjoy pool resurfacing repairs with a reputable and trustworthy crew that won't start your job until they know they can finish. We leave work sites impeccably clean and customize color pallets to match even the most complex sun-faded paint and pebble for a flawless finish

Kiely Before Resurface2.jpeg

Complete Pool Resurface: Before

In some cases, pool resurfacing should be done every 10 years. This is based on the surface lifespans of cement and pool surface materials. Dazzle Pools works with the best craftsmen to deliver high quality and clean pool resurfacing projects so all you have to do is pick the color!

Kiely AFter Remodel.jpeg

Complete Pool Resurface with Dazzle: After

Complete Pool Resurface During Kiely.jpeg

MidPoint Chip Out of Old PebbleTech

Kiely Post Resurfacing_edited.jpg

Finishing Touches Prior to Refilling

Additional Options

Kester PebbleSheen Before.jpeg

Before PebbleSheen Repair

Kester PebbleSheen Repair After.jpeg

After PebbleSheen Repair with Dazzle Pools


Other PebbleSheen Repair Craftsmen

Make sure your craftsmen share clear expectations on the before and after potential for your repair. 

Patch Repair.jpeg

Patch vs. Complete Resurface

If a patch is all you are wanting, Dazzle craftsmen do the best they can by hand to ensure as much of the patch is blended to match the rest of the surface. 

Renne Cool Deck Before.jpeg

Before Cool Deck Repair

Cool decking is a heat reducing surface for barefoot areas. In some cases, cool deck coating needs to be maintained and re-coated approximately every 8 - 10 years.

Renne Cool Deck & Media Blast Full Shot After.jpeg

After Cool Deck Repair with Dazzle Pools

Tile Before.jpeg

Before Tile Replacement

When your pool tile starts to fall off, that is usually an indication there is water seeping between the tile and the surface of the pool. Dazzle Pools will do our best to match your tile, but if not, our team of experts can find a tile that closely matches. 

Sawyer Tile After.jpeg

After Tile Replacement

Tile will closely match the original tile

Refresh your pool!

Current Pool Service Clients: Call or Email Dazzle Pools to schedule your free estimate!

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